The Mission

Wardrobe 101 wants to make it easy for you to look fabulous each and every day with smart, sustainable and seriously chic fashion choices.

Our experienced team provide clever fashion solutions that take you from fashion slave to queen of style. Whether you are looking for inspiration, advice or exquisite wardrobe staples, we take the time to find striking results created specificallyto suit you.

Wardrobe 101 understands that fashion is communication. Your look should be an expression of who you are and want you want the world to know about you. We help you decipher the current avalanche of fashion choices and unleash your best side by drawing out your personal style. No need to stare paralysed before a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear. We make it second nature for you to pull together witty, polished looks that reflect your personality in minutes.

Every woman deserves to feel great about her look, we want to make sure you feel great about yours.


The Brand

Wardrobe 101 began life as a weekly fashion page in the Sydney Morning Herald and syndicated to other newspapers around Australia.

It’s popularity led to a book, Wardrobe 101: Creating Your Perfect Core Wardrobe, published by Thames & Hudson, and a blog that gives women no nonsense advice on how to get it right every time. The response was overwhelming with readers wanting to know where they could get high-quality wardrobe staples at a fair price. Wardrobe 101 rises to the challenge.


The Label

Wardrobe 101 is dedicated to delivering chic wardrobe staples with the level of quality and service usually reserved for luxury brands.

By collaborating with specialist designers, Wardrobe 101 brings you 101, the label, a range of classic pieces that transcend fashion, reflecting a high level of taste, quality and personal style.

These effortless yet sustainable wardrobe solutions bring elegant, pulled together looks to your fingertips. Whether off the rack or tailor-made bespoke pieces, 101 is committed to delivering modern, fashion relevant pieces that will become your trusted favourites. Our signature classic lines, impeccable fabrics and flattering silhouettes form a chic foundation upon which to build your personal style.


Fashion Conscious with a Social Conscience:

101 customers are style savvy yet compassionate to the serious issues facing the world today.

We know that social responsibility in fashion need not be at the expense of style. As part of an army of labels that is reclaiming fashion’s integrity and leading the industry to change, 101 pieces are eco-friendly, ethically aware and reasonably priced, ticking all the socially responsible boxes so you can purchase high style in good faith.

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