Wardrobe 101 Executive Workshops

This is an ideal program for corporate groups. This course has been successful with recruitment agencies, legal firms, financial institutions and as client appreciation special events. We teach you the skills you need to make the right image choices and create an impressive impact within a professional environment. We take the guesswork out of looking great with simple, stylish solutions that work every time.

Wardrobe 101 gets real about what is appropriate within the workplace, how to make an impact and get that new job or promotion. In a group environment we showcase looks that suit different styles and situations to get you noticed for all the right reasons. For groups up to 80, Wardrobe 101 presents practical information including simple styling rules and workplace do’s and don’ts in a fun yet straightforward way, finding a place for fashion in the workplace and sharing easy to use tips on how to get it right every day with ease.



Wardrobe 101 Executive workshop = $1500 for two hours

Rates lower with multiple bookings.

Call Wardrobe 101 on 1000 6000 to discuss or contact info@wardrobe101.com.au to learn more


Think the part, look the part, be the part.

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