Wardrobe 101: On Trend, Beyond Trend.

Why you should call us and what to expect.


Why call us:

  • To make a positive change in your life and gain self-confidence
  • To understand your own style and what works for your body
  • To learn the rules for dressing well easily every day
  • To look the part for that dream job or promotion
  • To demystify the overwhelming choices in fashion and apply what works best for you to create a wardrobe of clothing you love
  • To feel comfortable in who you are and how you look
  • To shine at a special occasion
  • To inject some excitement into your personal clothing choices
  • To update your look
  • To gain important shopping skills and avoid buying clothes you never wear
  • To unravel the mess that is your wardrobe and discover a range of great looks you didn’t even realise you had
  • To look great whether on a night out asking for a raise or taking the kids to the park.
  • To give someone a gift that could change their life


Who are our clients?

  • Executives and business owners
  • Professionals from corporate and creative sectors
  • stay-at-home mums
  • women and men re-entering the workforce
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Entertainers
  • Socialites
  • Television presenters
  • Fashion houses and photographers


What we do:

  • We take the time to understand your personal style and work within looks that express your individuality and style best
  • Assess your existing wardrobe items and consider what to save, what to keep and what to move on
  • Show you how to put together a wardrobe of clothing where everything in it works with everything else
  • Evaluate the best looks, fit and fabrics for your lifestyle
  • Discuss colours that work best for you and how to put them together
  • Construct fantastic outfits from the items you already own
  • Show you how to accessorise and style your own looks with ease
  • List some items your wardrobe could use, only if necessary
  • Provide you with an e-book of looks specially selected to work for you



Now! The longer you leave it the worse you will feel and the less confident you will become. You have the tools to look and feel great, let us guide you and unleash the super-stylish woman within so you can get on with being fabulous!



Wherever suits you best. We conduct workshops and personal styling services all around Australia. For wardrobe editing a home visit is necessary where we work through your existing wardrobe items and how to best manage them. To workshop ideas, talk about personal style or be part of a stying workshop we have group seminars that you can join.


How you will feel after a styling session with Wardrobe 101:


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