Wardrobe One on One personal styling:

Our experienced team provide smart, seriously chic fashion solutions that take you from fashion victim to fashion vixen. We help you decipher the current avalanche of fashion choices and unleash your inner fashionista by drawing out your own personal style.


The Wardrobe One On One Personal Styling program starts by assessing the current state of your wardrobe. Don’t be nervous, we don’t judge and we love a challenge, otherwise we can’t create magic! Everything in your wardrobe is a reflection of some part of your personality. We tap in to what you are trying to project and make it happen whether for work, home, weekend, travel or socialising. Wardrobe 101 stylists are experts at unearthing great outfits already nestled in your wardrobe that you didn’t event know you had. We look at what stays and what goes, we style a stack of new looks from your current wardrobe, we suggest new items within your budget that will enhance your wardrobe and we send you a file of looks styled just for you.



Wardrobe One On One = $300 for two hours(min) + $120 per each consecutive hour.

Call Wardrobe 101 on 04 1000 6000 to talk about your needs or contact info@wardrobe101.com.au

Helping you look fabulous makes us feel fantastic!

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